• Hand made Woodworks on Sappeli Mahogany

    Kral Construction Process View

  • Sappeli Mahogany View
  • Hand-laid 16 layers of Varnishes – Primers

    Hand-laid 16 layers View

  • Varnishes – Primers View

The KRAL boat construction process is designed for better resistance to impact damage and torsion twisting which results in being stronger and more effective than conventional fibreglass boats. The Hull is box build - hand laid with 10 layers of GRP on Gel-coat. The Stringers are 80dens foam supported with GRP, the Transom is made with laminated plywood 45cm supported with GRP and finally the Engine paths are 80dens foam with solid mahogany supported with GRP, all hand made.  

The woodwork in the deck has four layers of West-System epoxy as primer filler coat, six layers of International polyurethane secondary filler coat, and six layers of International Perfection UV varnish.  Sculpted in Sapelli mahogany, brilliantly UV varnished giving a fantastic deep gloss luxurious finish without needing maintenance, while the fixtures and accessories are in stainless steel 316 Quality.

The cockpit continues the style and quality with leather covered dashboard, mahogany instrument panel and glove compartment, laminate, teak decking, multi functional leather seats with independent spring suspension, adjustable mahogany or steel steering wheel and chromed windshield frame.

This truly is a handmade boat ………