• Exclusive Yachting

    More prestigious than ever, Exclusive Yachting, Greece’s only in-water exhibition of pleasure boats, offered to its select audience the unique opportunity to admire on display from 18 to 22 September at the Alsity Marina of Agios Kosmassome of the world’s most finest boats.

    More than 250 magnificent pleasure boats - coming from 150 prestigious international shipping companies and Greek manufacturers - were displayed in water and on land. These included some of the world’s exceptional boat creations, uniquely designed cruisers and sailboats that captured the admiration of a highly demanding audience of Greek yachtsmen and international professional visitors. Many of these boats were presented in a national or European and worldwide premiere.

    Despite the rainy weather and the overall market financial hardship, more than 15.000 people came to visit the show reflecting the great reputation the show has gained over the years and the dynamics of a growing Greek yachting market. Even more important is the fact that visitors were evaluated by the exhibitors as highly targeted individuals, with real interest in yachts and a quest for luxury, unique design, high quality and innovative features, matched by the required spending power to acquire them.

    Visitors were fascinated by the extraordinary boats and the quality exhibition setting, as well as by the range of luxury yachting and lifestyle products and services that were displayed alongside the superior boats. Such exhibits included exclusive garments, watches, premium drinks, cigarettes and many more.

    Participants contributed substantially to the success of the event with their exceptional stands, every year even more impressive and creative, matching perfectly with the show’s prestigious character.

    Indicative of the impetus and considerable growth of the show is that international professional visitors from shipyards, compared Εxclusive Yachting to some of the world’s leading boat shows, such as those held in Monaco, Cannes and Genoa.

    The inauguration of Exclusive Yachting 2008 took place on Thursday 18th of September by the Minister of Mercantile Marine, The Aegean and Island Policy, Mr Anastasios Papaligouras. Mr Nikos Kaklamanakis, winner of Olympic Games, honoured with his presence the ceremony, as representative of the world sea-sports sector.

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